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What's better than visiting ONE island?
well two!!

In the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, 1500 km off the coast of Portugal rests 9 islands, the islands of the Azores with their own unique charms. 

 "The Green Island" as the locals call it, is the island of São Miguel with it's vast green fields  and beautiful lagoons and 55 nautical miles further south is "The Sun Island" is the island of Santa Maria, with her duality in landscapes, changing between lush green to cactus fields.


In this week-long adventure, we'll be staying aboard a beautiful catamaran, while we look for those hidden beauties and sample some of  the best rustic natural, ancient and purposely built trails, from the top of the mountain to sea level. Finish your day swimming in the ocean, in the hot springs or hidden waterfalls.
Taste the famous Portuguese stew cooked in the steam of a dormant volcano in Furnas Village, amazing seafood and super tasty local dairy products.

Ride four days in São Miguel from some of highlights points of the island, like the famous Lagoa do Fogo home of the "Indiana Jones" trail, a 7km descend from the top of Mount Barrosa to the "Hell's Window".

Finish the day with a  nice cold post ride drink by the beach.

Experience a sail adventure to Santa Maria island on an unique open sea experience.
Depart in the afternoon to catch the sunset in the ocean and dine with a meal cooked by a private chef.
Wake up on this charming little island and explore some of the best ancient and purposely built trails all the way to the only white sand beach in the Azores.

Your experience would not be complete without  riding the "fossil trail", a coastal trail where you can find  sea fossils on the walls, dating the time the island was underwater.

Come check our little paradise on Earth.




São Miguel island
Sunset on ocean
São Miguel island
São Miguel island
São Miguel island

"Great vibes!! Amazing locations and atmosphere"

Anka & Sven Martin


- Riding the famous Indiana Jones trail

- Eat the Portuguese stew cooked on volcano steam


- Ride ancient trails from mountain to sea 

- Open ocean sail experience


- Staying aboard a luxury catamaran


DATES 2021

.March (17th-24th) not avaible

. May (5th -12th) not available

.October (6th-13th)

.November (3rd-10th)

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