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Get the true feeling of riding in an archipelago 

Plato said that if you travel west of the pillars of Hercules (Gibraltar), you would find an island with an advanced civilization, named Atlantis.

Well, true or not if you indeed travel west from Gibraltar, you will find 9 islands, the islands of the Azores with their own unique charms. 

 With Riding Atlantis week you will have the opportunity to ride 4 different islands.

We will start with Terceira island, famous to be home of the Angra do Heroismo  UNESCO world heritage, summer celebrations and the beautiful black bulls, that once stopped a Spanish invasion.

We will get onboard the ferry and travel to the "triangle" islands, São Jorge being the first, the capital of cheese in the Azores, also known for it's beautiful fajãs and natural pools with some of the best ancient trails around.

We hop on again on the ferry and in a quick trip we are at the mountain island, Pico. The island that has the highest point in Portugal, is also home to the biggest vineyards in the archipelago. Characterized by the dark volcanic rock.

Last but not least, Faial island. The Atlantic mid way stop for many sailors, were the last big eruption occurred in the Azores. The Capelinhos volcano is reminder of the force of nature.

Come check our little paradise on Earth.

May to September

4 Islands

"Our three weeks in the Azores pass in a blur of pedal strokes, volcanic landscapes and raw adventure."

Todd Weselake & Martina Halik

DATES 2023

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- Ride 4 diferent islands of the Azores

- Ride between the famous Pico vineyeards


- Ride ancient trails from mountain to sea 

- Visit one of the few coffee plantation in Europe


A journey across the Azores

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